Fire Arms Safety

The Seven Basic Rules of Firearm Safety:

  1. Treat Every Firearm As If It Is Loaded!
  2. Always point firearms in a safe direction
  3. Load a firearm only when ready to fire
  4. Identify your target
  5. Check your firing zone
  6. Store firearms and ammunition safety
  7. Avoid alcohol or drugs when handling firearms


Recommended Target Shooting Distances:
Pistols——————————- 25 yards
Shotguns————————— 40 yards
Rifles——————————- 100 yards
High Caliber Rifles———— 200 yards
.50 BMG————————– 600 yards

IMPORTANT Firearm Safety Information

Always obey all local, state and federal laws. Always use proper safety gear, such as eye and hearing protection. Be aware of your surrounding and the area beyond the target. Always shoot at the target perpendicular to the shooter to prevent misdirected or ricocheted bullets. Gloves should be worn while disassembling target system. Remove any fragments from the shooting target and stand. Beware of the potential for ricochets. Ensure proper assembly before use of the target system.

Do not alter the target system in any way. Replace damage or missing parts with factory replacements only. Follow your gun manufacture instructions for safe shooting and handling. Always keep firearms unloaded, trigger locked and in a safe place when not in use. Never use alcohol, drugs, or medication while shooting or handling rearms. Consult additional resources such as NRA at for additional safe shooting rules and guidelines. There is no substitute for common sense. For instructions on how to install other configurations check out our website